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Unique Activities for any Organized Childrens Event or Organizations like OSC, Girl Guides, Brownies, Scouts, 4 H Clubs, Christmas Parties, Canada Day Celebration, Carnivals,
Community Celebrations, Libraries, etc.

Create and Learn has worked with numerous organizations, community services and businesses to offer many successful building sessions since 2014.  We would like the opportunity to deliver a unique and different option to children in your area.  Like many other businesses, COVID-19 has greatly impacted us.  Due to multiple reasons, we have changed how we are able to deliver our programs. 

Our programs will not be led by a Create and Learn facilitator.  Instead we are able to offer Create and Takes which are kits we have developed and packaged.  These kits are full of pieces to build a fun learning activity.  Children will take home all of the pieces received in their kits.  This way the kits can be a one time activity or used multiple times.  Your organization will lead these programs and decide when the children take the kits home.  It will be your choice to organize volunteers or helpers.  These kits will contain LEGO® bricks with many specialized pieces for children ages 4-12 for both boys and girls.  Since we are using regular size bricks, these programs do not work with duplo bricks so we are unable to offer programming for children aged 3 years and under.  The following are the kits and rates for children aged 4-12.  The rates include shipping/delivery and handling. 

Zipline Kits:  Children are the master builders who create the zipline system (basket) which connects to a pulley; mini figures ride the zipline.  Create and Learn supplies the string for the event.  The string can be attached to a door hinge and a chair to create a slope.   The zipline (basket) pulley system is then placed on the string to simulate a zipline.  The children can easily follow instructions (primarily images) and/or have the opportunity to alter the design.  The children can enjoy this activity and then each child takes home their own Zipline Kit.  You may assist the children to build their Zipline Kit and it will be your choice to organize helpers.  Each kit has over 20 pieces.  

  • $8.00 plus GST per child to build a zipline attachment and use their own mini figure to ride the zipline or
  • $12.00 plus GST per child to build a zipline attachment and receive a mini figure to ride the zipline

Mosaic Kits:  This kit is about creating pictures and/or images.  Children create a platform (base) using LEGO® interlocking plates (thinner pieces) by following instructions (primarily images).  The platform (base) measures 9.5 cm long by 4.5 cm wide or in LEGO® terms it is 12 studs long by 6 studs wide.  The children create pictures using small LEGO® bricks (1x1 and 1x2 size) on the platform (base) they each built.  Each child will receive over 30 pieces.   

  • $10.00 plus GST per child

Zipline and Mosaics Kits:  

  • $16.00 plus GST per child for the Zipline Kit and Mosaic Kit
  • $20.00 plus GST per child for the Zipline Kit, Mosaic Kit and Mini Figure

Add On: 
​​​LEGO®​ Plate Magnetic Name Badge- $5.00 plus GST per child - Children construct their own magnetic name badge made out of plates and a magnet which they take home.  You give us a list of all the childrens names and we provide the magnet, plates and label with the child's name on it. We have had child care centers buy them to use all summer long at excursions instead of name tags for the children and/or leaders.  ​​​At the time of ordering, you must indicate you would like to receive the Name Badge add on to either the Zipline Kits or the Mosaic Kits.  This add on is subject to availability of product.  

Based on our experience we estimate each activity to take 45-60 minutes. To gauge the time for activities there are a few factors to consider that may impact that estimate:

  • The number of children and number of volunteers
  • Some children like to alter their creation which can take more time

Please contact us as soon as you have a date in mind that you would like to receive your kits.  This is a great option for activities for children in the summer, PD days, school break, municipal celebrations, community events, carnivals and etc.  We also need to know which kits you are ordering and how many kits you require.   We will send you an email with payment details.  Payment is required before receiving the kits.  Once we process payment, we will then confirm an expected shipping/delivery date and we will send you an invoice marked paid.  There are no refunds once your order is placed.  Please feel free to check our website at www.createandlearn.ca and email us at info@createandlearn.ca if you have any questions.  Please email us with a date you would like to receive your kits.  We look forward to receiving your email in regards to our Create and Takes.

Let’s help the children have fun while they create and learn!