We are working on a new idea that we are very passionate about.  We are close to finalizing the details of items to be offered in our new Create and Care Packages for breast cancer treatments (chemotherapy and surgery).  I want to share items that have helped me.  These packages would include items like head coverings, heart pillow and other supportive items to help an individual with breast cancer treatments.  

I share my experience with you so you know that I have an idea to how you, your mother, your daughter, your wife, your niece, your cousin, your friend, your wo-worker or any other woman in your circle diagnosed with breast cancer may feel.  

In June 2021, I was diagnosed with triple negative and metaplastic breast cancer.  It was a shock as I was healthy, 48 years old, no family history, nor did I automatically qualify for a mammogram unless my family doctor thought it was necessary.  It is an aggressive subtype of breast cancer.  My treatment has been aggressive as well.  One of the losses that was so hard to accept emotionally was the loss of my hair (a side effect from chemotherapy).  My family and I bought caps, beanies, hats, scarves and etc to make me feel more comfortable.  Not many worked for me.  So my family got creative to solve this problem for me.  We developed head coverings that I wore and still wear.  When you are told that you will be bald from the medication in an attempt to save your life, all the focus is on the baldness.  But what is not usually acknowledged are the next steps to the hair growth.  It will take 2-3 years to grow back the length of hair I had.  When your hair comes back it can be very curly, different texture, different colour  (due to chemotherapy) and your scalp can be very sensitive to touch, heat and cold.  Even though I was grateful to have hair, I still felt uncomfortable with my new look.  Breast cancer treatments can alter our physical and mental selves so much.  The head coverings my family developed have helped me manage the different steps of hair loss to hair growth stages.  It helped me with my new self image and to feel like my old fiesty self.

As you can appreciate a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be a solo and lonely experience.  I have been fortunate to have support.  Pleasant surprises in the mail would give me encouragement to endure the brutal side effects and to give me a bright spot in my day to help me keep fighting the beast that cancer is.  My mantra has been, I choose to live with hope and to live and dance in the light. 

My purpose from this experience is to share my knowledge and help others through this illness.  We have created items that will give you some comfort while you endure the side effects throughout this disease and recovery.  As cancer patients may experience a loss of income, we have created care packages in which the individual, family and/or friends can purchase.  My wish is, the care package helps the person who receives it.  

We are working on finalizing the details of the Create and Care Packages for chemotherapy and surgery.  Please check back.

Create and Care Packages  Breast Cancer Treatments​

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